Current Adult Sunday School Classes

Creation – Fellowship Hall

Ten Women of the Bible – Upstairs Classroom

II Kings – Conference Room


Meet the Sunday School Teachers

Nina Wagner has been attending CFRBC for 20 years. Jim and Nina were married at the church back in 2000. Both of them came to know Christ as adults. She teaches the 3  to 5 year class. The lessons are simple and short for the kids. She also loves teaching these little ones.

Midge Sprau says she loves humor, is a cowgirl, and dedicated to following Christ. I love it when the class interacts so that needs are met, Christ is honored and love is shown to each person there. The Women's Sunday School class is studying "10 Women of the Bible" which was started but not finished so the remaining 6 women will be studied in part II. Expecting to finish in July. The class meets upstairs on the right in the education wing.

Harold Veltkamp has been teaching bible studies for 46 years and has served as a deacon and Sunday School teacher at CFRBC. He was saved at the age of 12 years old. Harold and Judy have been married for 59 years. His goal is to encourage peer to peer intimacy and to have that fellowship in order to get to know each other (Heb. 10:24). To know each other's strengths and weaknesses so that we can pray, help, hold up, care, and love each other are very important. The class is studying the First Book of Judges and meets in the conference room next to the nursery.

Bob Leach has 66 years of Christian experience. Bob and Kay have been married for 54 years. Bob's goal is to inspire faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God (John 20:31) and grow together in our understanding of God's word as we fellowship together. His class is currently studying the Gospel of John which will be finishing in 27 sessions. The class meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Rick Thompson says that God works in a manner which is so beyond his comprehension and is always in awe of Him. He was raised in a Christian family growing up in Jamacia, and made a personal commitment to Christ at the age of 11 years old attending VBS in his childhood church. Sunday School to him should be to study the bible in depth, learn and grow as believers (new and old), and to fellowship and share with other believers. The class is studying the Book of Romans and is expecting to finish before June. The class meets upstairs in the education wing, first room on the left.